Mission of the Unsung Hero

Life was boring and predictable until the day the angel showed up. Erica James believed in angels, but she'd never met one personally. An unhappy, quiet, Christian housewife who never said no to anyone, she was shocked by the extraordinary encounter that propelled her into an intrigue of national importance. The life of a man pivotal to the future of the country and Christianity itself is in danger, and Erica and a gifted team of fellow Christians must save him. Drawing on the strengths and abilities honed as a mom, Erica discovers a power she never knew she had.

This fast-paced yet insightful novel is full of captivating suspense, romance, and action. A page-turner with an inspiring message, Mission of the Unsung Hero will challenge and entertain readers of all ages.


Hi, I'm Marsha Perry

I grew up working with words in my family’s business and have carried this craft and passion into adulthood.  An editor and author, I have worked with a Christian ministry on their publications and websites and penned a wide variety of literary works including submissions to a national magazine and freelance work for a travel website.  In my first novel, Mission of the Unsung Hero, I hope to inspire readers to see the great things they can accomplish for God every day.

With this website I hope to provide a place with more inspiration and encouragement.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband.  Together we have three children.  I enjoy coordinating a Christian fellowship in our home, playing the piano, singing, getting outside for a walk and our little dogs.



"Faith and high-stakes action combine for an exciting tale."

Jennifer Delamere, Author of The Captain's Daughter

"An Inspiring Page Turner."

— Rebecca Lyon

"Perry transports us all from the ordinary into the truly miraculous with wit, unerring dialogue, and gripping suspense."

— E. Shan Correa, Author of Gaff