Post #34, On One of My Favorite Authors

Jennifer Delamere released her latest novel on August 31st, and I’d like to tell you about the book and the author.

I met Jennifer in the 1990’s when we were both doing ministry work. I didn’t know her and her husband well, but I liked them!

Then in 2015 a friend told me about a woman in our ministry who had a new book out. I was excited when I figured out it was Jennifer from many years ago. I went to her website and had fun catching up on her writing life, which included some screenplay writing she had done. This involved a book called Save the Cat! She said it applied to writing books as well. I bought a copy and was thrilled with the learning I gained from it.

Since then, Jennifer has continued to release a book every year or so, and I always look forward to their debut.

This is her third series. Her first series was the Love’s Grace trilogy, then came the London Beginnings series. This current series is called Love Along the Wires and has the telegraph industry as the backdrop. Book 2, Crossed Lines, is the latest release. (Clever name for her book!)

Crossed Lines takes place in Victorian England, and Jennifer has done her homework, having traveled to the places she writes about. (Well, she didn’t time travel to Victorian England, but went to modern England!) It comes out in her books with vivid details about the areas she takes us to in the book. She loves the era, and we get to learn about the exciting time of progress that took place under Queen Victoria.

Christian romance can be a good read, but add well-researched historical detail along with brilliant characters and you have a great read! In Crossed Lines, Jennifer has an artful blend of the aforementioned. Emma works at a London telegraph office and is a romantic at heart, eager to fall in love and have the family she was denied as a child. Emma encounters two gentlemen who vie for her attention. Jennifer skillfully conveys Emma’s superior character which guides her through a love triangle as she learns that there is more to true love than her youthful romantic imaginations.

Clean, well-written novels are such a joy to read in a time where there are so many negative distractions. It’s a great privilege to know this author, and I wish she could write 10 books a year!

Please visit her website, click on Crossed Lines, and get this wonderful book!

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