Post #31 Giving Of What We Are

Giving of What We Are

We have some neighbors that go far back in my life…their son married my childhood best friend. These neighbors actually lived down the street when all the courting, marrying, and such was going on, but now they live kitty-corner to us. Pretty nice!

They are very friendly and giving people. I love it that they have a gin and tonic break every day, a habit they picked up after living in other countries where malaria was a threat. Anyone can drop in and it’s always fun! They love having people over and socializing.

And they LOVE to garden. Their home has an edible yard in the front, but that wasn’t enough. They have more gardens in the back! Plus, a cherry tree, blueberries and I don’t know what all, but there’s a lot of things growing over there!

My little garden pales in comparison. Everything grows like crazy over there! Can their soil be that different than mine? Artichokes five-feet high, and so many, they can’t give them all away! Strawberries covering the ground! Gigantic tomato plants three times the size of mine! Squash and zucchini running over everywhere! They have so many raised beds their son and daughter-in-law have one and another good friend has her own. In other words, they have abundance!

We met up at the mailbox today, and she said she had to give me some zucchini because they were getting overrun with it. I happily accepted. And while we were in the garden, she got me some lettuce and a couple of 2-feet long green onions.

Later we talked about my blog, and I said I wasn’t sure what to write about this week. She said, “Write about the lady who everyone runs away from because she’s always trying to give them zucchini!” Well, here you are!

Our neighbors give of their abundance, and they love doing it. It made me think that we can only give of what we have and what we are.

What does God have in His heart? So much love that He gave His son so we could be His children and have His love in our hearts, plus a few other huge benefits like eternal life. That’s a pretty good giving!

People will give what they have. It’s impossible to give what you don’t have. But when we give genuinely, it’s spotted, in a good way. If we love God, have His spirit inside, we have an abundance to give…love, encouragement, a helping hand, and many other blessings.

What do we have to give? Whatever we have inside!

God’s so good, even the bunny gets blessed! Here she is enjoying some lettuce that wasn’t quite table-quality for us humans. See how happy she looks?!

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